4 key qualities SME employers should be looking for when hiring

4 key qualities SME employers should be looking for when hiring

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Without the right people, even the most promising business plan will only remain just that—a plan. “Finding the right candidate gives a greater probability for the company to succeed. The right people with the right mindset get work done efficiently,” says LA Valles, president of Osakatsu, Inc. The company manages 102 Izakaya, an Osaka-inspired pub that has become increasingly popular among Makati professionals.

It’s pretty straightforward to find someone who will work for you and your company, but finding the one who will work with you in growing your business makes all the difference. Here are the top qualities employers look for when they're hiring. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for these as well.

1. Eager to deliver

Business owners go for candidates who are proactive in finishing work instead of just waiting for blow-by-blow instructions. “We rely on our workforce to deliver the objectives of the organization. We want to avoid a square peg in a round hole,” says Lawie Valles, director of Osakatsu, Inc. “They should be open to learning the assigned task and adopt the current process to fulfill it.”

Mary Lyn Burog and Marlene Varquez, co-owners of Le Plaisir Spa, require pre-employment training to assess if applicants are truly cut out for the job. “We want our clients to achieve the look they desire through the different services and products we offer. Not all jobs suit an individual, so an employee should show eagerness in the nature of our work,” the partners explain.

2. Goal-oriented
“I get impressed by candidates focused on their goals in life—how they see themselves with respect to their career and what they want to accomplish in the next few years,” says LA. Ambition says a lot about a person’s character, which, to the restaurateur, makes for a strong foundation for a candidate. “Skills can be taught, but character is ingrained in a person. A person with good moral fiber will abide by the company policies and will become a loyal asset in the future.” During an interview, LA asks applicants about life beyond work to assess how they make an effort to achieve their targets.

3. Smart and proactive

Because each service in their spa is unique, Mary Lyn and Marlene need people who fully understand what every customer needs, and how one can benefit from a treatment. “Also, they should know how to make reports and submit them to us for an analysis of the business,” they say.

As for LA, “An employee need not be a valedictorian. Diskarte  (skill & resourcefulness) is all we need.”

4. A team player

“The office is a social environment where employees interact and depend on each other to get tasks done,” says Lawie. Based on his experience, candidates who collaborate well with others are easier to manage. “More than skills, personality plays a vital role in having continuous engagement among co-workers.”

To grow your business, you can’t do it alone; you need the right people who will join your quest and make your plans come to life. So make sure your next hire has these qualities for your venture to succeed.

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