Invest in Human Resources, grow your business!

Invest in Human Resources, grow your business!

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Robert Siegel said “If you think of HR as the notion of the chief people officer, in many respects it’s probably the most important function in a company”. Entrepreneurs who understand this and put a Human Resources framework in place build a positive culture in the organisation succeed. It is essential to have an HR framework at this early stage to attract and retain the right talent.


Key HR processes that SME/Startup need to focus on are: 

1. Identifying and recruiting the right group of talent.

2. Creating appropriate job descriptions to attract suitable talent

3. Compensation structures 

4. Dividing job roles/responsibilities within the company as it grows

5. Ensuring ongoing constructive communication among team members 


For many SMEs, especially those that are starting out, HR services are a luxury that are more often than not foregone. It is understandable if a small organisation does not wish to have a dedicated HR team. But in such a case, outsourcing HR services provides an alternative which is not only reasonable but provides the right platform for organisations to grow.

Also, in light of budget constraints, outsourcing HR becomes a more realistic solution to SMEs in need of HR services. 


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