Woman exporter from Indore brings farm fresh dairy & food products to the global market

Woman exporter from Indore brings farm fresh dairy & food products to the global market

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In 2013, Pallavi Vyas, a homemaker from Indore, made her entrepreneurial foray and established Shanta Tradexim Private Limited to export organic food products to the United States. She armed herself with a degree in business management and was supported by her husband in the endeavour. Deeply concerned with the rise of harmful chemicals and pesticides in food and dairy, led Pallavi to establish Shanta Farms three years later. Shanta Farms is contributing to the agriculture industry in Madhya Pradesh with the aim to modernise the dairy sector. They produce and export premium quality organic milk, milk products, grains, spices and vegetables to the United States and European countries.

Pallavi Vyas (Pallavi) shares her business journey in conversation with GlobalLinker (GL).


GL: Tell us about your business.

Pallavi: We started exporting organic food items to the United States in 2013. Initially, we were merchant exporters whereby we purchased goods as per the requirement of our overseas customers. In 2016 we established Shanta Farms and launched our own organic products. Our farmlands produce food and dairy products with quality and packaging as per international norms.


The world over there is growing awareness about the benefits of healthy farming practices & there is a huge demand for organic products that we are exporting. We do regular market research and develop our products as per market needs. Shanta Farms has a fully automated human untouched milking process with milk delivery in glass bottle while maintaining 4-degree temperature (cold chain). Our cows are fed on organic fodder and organic manure is used for farming.



GL: What export challenges have you faced?

Pallavi: Since we export food items to USA & European countries where only fresh and quality products are accepted, it was challenging for us to maintain the freshness, shelf life, quality & packaging of our products. To meet this challenge, we hired farmers and trained them in organic farming and maintain strict quality control measures. Recently, our efforts to improve dairy farming in India led us to be selected as part of the Indian business delegation to participate at the 8th annual European Congress for SME (ECSME) in October 2018, in Poland. Our products like organic clarified butter, spices and herbs were appreciated and we have signed 5 MOUs with Polish firms for supplying dairy and agriculture products.

GL: What is your big business dream?

Pallavi: Our ultimate business dream is to be a 1,000-crore turnover company without deviating from our core philosophy of providing pure quality products.

GL: What is your message to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Pallavi: There is huge demand for healthier food items in the worldwide market so first know your product and identify your market. Thereafter, the business can grow and scale.  


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