Investing lessons from the festival of Holi

Investing lessons from the festival of Holi

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Anirudh Gupta

Anirudh Gupta

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The festival of Holi brings us the onset of spring. There is a sense of happiness, letting go of our past attachments that have led to poor outcomes and a sense of moderating attitudes if necessary.


Does this change happen?


It depends on your willingness and commitment to achieve your goals. If you are to achieve them, you may need to course-correct if needed.


The festival of Holi brings a sense of happiness, letting go of our past attachments that have led to poor outcomes and a sense of moderating attitudes if necessary.


Let us explore investing messages that Holi gives us.


1. Changing the investing language

Holi is about burning the old attitudes which are entrenched deeply within us. This can be in the form of your elders’ influence on your financial decisions. It is not like they are wrong; it is just the context that has changed. They were more conservative primarily because they had more responsibilities at the family level. As the family level responsibilities have reduced, you are independent. You can be open to taking a calculated risk, whether with personal funds, a major career change, or building the company to the next level. All such changes start with yes and small steps.


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2. Don’t become over-enthusiastic

Sometimes in the joy of festivities, you apply chemically strong colours to your loved ones which becomes difficult to remove for some time. It is prudent to celebrate good times, however, with a sense of caution. Similarly, when markets go up, we tend to add more to the portfolio in riskier asset classes. What more, we also ask our friends to do the same. It is not wise to risk it all in such scenarios and look at past performance, even recent, as an indicator of things to come. This has the potential to cause financial problems.


3. Enjoy the good time

The fruits of our portfolio income in the form of capital gains or dividends are what keep us going forward. Normally during Holi, every year, thandai and other sweets are served. This brings about positive vibes as a person and in the community, one is in. This also builds upon the good things of the past at a personal or a portfolio level and helps create a promising future.


Interesting conversations at the right time can help build upon new ideas on investments depending upon one’s needs, i.e., growth or income.


Wish you a very Happy Holi!


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