5 airport hacks for stress free travel

5 airport hacks for stress free travel

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Anjan Purandare

Anjan Purandare

412 week ago — 5 min read

Our generation is a lot into travelling. The moment we get a long weekend, we pack our bags and off we go to see the world. Sometimes, we also try to squeeze in a short trip in a regular weekend. People travel to relieve their stress and break the monotony of their regular life, but many times they end up getting more stressed, especially when it comes to airports and planes. Here are a few hacks to make things easier at the airport.


1. Have a left foot


While many people have two left feet when it comes to dancing, most of us in the world are right handed. This perhaps is the reason why most of the times, people end up in the right lanes. Many studies have shown that this is a reason why the left lanes have shorter queues. Thus taking the left lane will substantially reduce your waiting time during security checks.


2. Carry an empty bottle


Empty vessels only make noise, empty water bottles don’t make any noise and are handy. The problem with us mortals is that we feel thirsty all the time, especially when we are not carrying any water. I don’t know whether you have noticed it or not, but I have realised that the water prices have gone up exorbitantly in the recent past, and it’s absolutely impossible to get the water bottle through the security checks. But you can easily get an empty water bottle through the security. Fill it up at the water fountain and drink as much water you want, that too for free!


3. Boarding pass


With everything getting online, we rarely take ticket print outs these days. Rather, we also prefer a web check-in, instead of standing in a queue at the airport. But this must have happened to you at least once: you downloaded the ticket or the boarding pass on your smartphone but just as you reach the boarding gate, something goes wrong and you just can’t seem to find it on your phone! It’s not only embarrassing, even the people standing behind you start getting restless. They exchange looks and pass subtle comments. These things worsen the situation. The best way to avoid all the confusion and trouble is to take a screen shot of your boarding pass on your smartphone. The screen shot is easily accessible, does not need an internet connection and remain unaffected with the frozen airline app.


4. More power to you


Perhaps the only drawback with smartphones is that they have a poor battery life. No matter how expensive your phone is and which company made it, it will run out of battery in less than 10 hours. This is the reason why the seats near the charging outlets are always taken. Instead of fighting over a charging point, carry a power strip with yourself and you can charge your mobile phone for sure. In fact, people might even welcome you to the charging outlets if you let others use the spare points on your power strip. A nice way to make friends with strangers, eh?


5. Take care of the excess baggage


I really hate to spend the extra bucks on the excess baggage. Especially when it's only a kg or two extra. Even if you are just carrying the essentials, at times it gets heavy because of just a couple extra things like a lotion bottle and a jacket. At times like these, slip the lotion bottle in your or your female companion’s purse. (nobody weighs that!) Really, I have tried this trick numerous times, and it has worked every time. Just stuff the purse will all the random toiletries and other small stuff and you can get as much as an extra kg. Similarly, if your bags are weighing heavier because of clothes, just wear those extra clothes. Yes, you might feel a little sweaty but it will make your luggage lighter for sure.


Keeping these few things in mind will save you a lot of time and money while travelling. These hacks will also make your travel and plane embarkment quicker, easier and stress-free. Bon voyage!


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