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Sushil Tayal

Founder Director

TWES Pvt. Ltd

Verified as: TWES Pvt. Ltd

Bengaluru, India

An acclaimed coach & a facilitator based in Bangalore, brings a great mix of business experience and coaching expertise to his client engagements. Expertise in coaching methodology, experience of running the human resource function for the best of organizations and unsurpassable belief in human potential makes his coaching style truly unique and immensely valuable.

A certified Strengths Finder and Executive Coach with the ability to create a culture that fosters high performance teams by playing on individual's strengths and developing them into high caliber individuals development.

Expertise in articulating a compelling vision, purpose and direction that inspire passion and excitement around shared goals and values, build a sense of urgency in the team to get results.
Sushil is also a Knowledge Advisor & Master Facilitator with SHRM India

Has worked with leaders of large corporations across globe in last 30 yrs..

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    My Location
    7 Rohan Ashima, Brookefields, Bengaluru, India, 560037




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