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Abdulla Kaliwala


Ajay Scrap Corporation

Verified as: Ajay Scrap Corporation

Bhavnagar, India

ELECTROMOTIVE DIESEL ENGINE EMD 16-645, EMD 20-645 ELECTROMOTIVE DIESEL ENGINE ELECTROMOTIVE DIESEL ENGINE SPARES EMD 645 ENGINE EMD 645 ENGINE SPARES #EMD #EMD645ENGINE #ELECTROMOTIVEDIESELENGINE We are your supplier of spare parts for this engine type in all the possible configurations ELECTROMOTIVE DIESEL EMD 16-645 ELECTROMOTIVE DIESEL EMD 20-645 We are able to offer you EMD engine set and spares for EMD engine as below : - MAKE :- EMD - TYPE :-EMD 20-645E, 20-645E4, 20-645E5 , 20-645E7 , EMD 20-645E8 ,EMD 20-645E9 Critical components like Cylinder Heads, Cylinder Head Components, Liners, Connecting Rods, Pistons, Piston Rings, Fuel Injection Equipment, Bearings (Std. and Undersize) etc. TELI MARINE ARE SUPPLIERS AND EXPORTERS OF VARIOUS ELECTROMOTIVE EMD 645 ENGINES, AUXILIARY ENGINES, GENERATORS AND ITS SPARES PARTS LIKE : LINERS PITSONS PISTON RINGS CONNECTING CRANKSHAFT PISTON RODS CYLINDER COVERS VALVE GUIDE FUEL PUMPS BEARINGS INJECTORS FUEL PUMPS VALVE SHEET MAIN BEARING C.R BEARING ETC. For More Info Contact : ABDULLAH ALTAF BHAI KALIWALA TELIMARINE– India Plot No: 345,Kumbharwada( VIP). Bhavnagar- 364001, Gujarat India M: +917016913154 Exporters/Suppliers: Main & Aux. Engine spares | Navigation | Air & Refrigeration Compressors | Turbocharger | Purifiers | Hydraulic Equipment | Power Plant

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    345/A VIP PARK MOTI TALAV ROAD NEAR KUMBHARAWADA BHAVNAGAR 364001., Vip Moti Talav Bhavnagar, Bhavnagar, India, 364001


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