Greater Upliftment and Inclusive Development Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Mumbai, India

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We export products made by sections of the society that are not duly accepted into the mainstream population or are disadvantaged due to their poor economic conditions and also artists and craftsmen who do not receive the backing they deserve. Wherever needed, we also help them develop systems to run their operations efficiently. The aim is to make sure employment creation is met with income generation.

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We are a social enterprise that works for enabling employment generation activities especially at the grassroots level.To solve the problem of unemployment it is important that employment generating activities are run efficiently at the grassroots level. For any employment generating activity to sustain, it is important for that activity to generate positive cash flows. Basically, it needs to market and sell its products effectively and this is where the pain point is. People at the grassroots level either don’t have the right platform or the knowledge to market themselves or their products.Our company aims to solve this problem and be that cure to the pain point every employment generating activity is suffering from. Handholding individuals and organizations to setup processes to manufacture superior quality products and market them in the international markets is what we strive for. This is to ensure that employability is met with income generation.

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