The Art Exotica

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Jodhpur, India

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Our products are well known for their attractive designs and sophisticated finish. We understands the importance of Qual

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We are into Manufacturing & Exports of in the world of Innovative, Sustainable, Eco-friendly Ethical, Organic, Recycled Handicrafts, Textiles & Fashion Accessories.

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We have the vision to create something which is AUTHENTIC (Undisputed Originality), TIMELESS (Unaffected by Seasons), ELEGANT (Graceful and Stylish), BESPOKE (Made to Measure)
Every customer is unique and we make that possible daily, at any event. For us as an organization this was a real challenge. We favor challenges & welcome changes always operating on the principles of integrity, trust, open communication packed with passion & genuine enthusiasm.

Our strong commitment to results, our customer & people orientation support us in making win-win relationships & partnerships taking The Art Exotica, always a step ahead.

The feeling that we are creating unique products and that we know all of our accessories one by one is overwhelming. We find ourselves constantly seeking out new opportunities to leverage company’s capabilities to achieve stretch goals and increase brand awareness locally & internationally.

Apr 2019

1 - 10 employees

₹1 crore - ₹5 crore


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