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Kochi, India

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ROOT LEGAL LLP is a dynamic first generation law firm that is known for its creative and agile thinking, commitment to its clients and the ability to provide sound and innovative solutions to the most complex business challenges. Situated in Heart of Kerala, Kochi, and Historical Muzuris City N.Paravoor , ROOT LEGAL LLP believes in forging sturdy and long-term relationships with its clients. We believe in team-based work because we know that the only way we can secure our clients business interests is by leveraging the expertise of the entire firm to achieve a desired result. We want to win and we want to ensure that we always exceed the expectations of our clients. The Firm has a domestic and multinational client base that includes government and public authorities, commercial banks, financial institutions, equity and venture capital funds across a range of sectors, including Pharmaceutical, Infrastructure, Telecom, Media, IT, Insurance, Mutual Fund and Banking. Our commitment to our

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