Mindsight Clinic Pvt. Ltd.

Mumbai, India

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For better mental health


Psychological counseling and therapy for individuals from any age group, Corporate wellness, Group activities (conferences and webinars)

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Product & Service Catalogue (8)

  • Relationship / Family Counselling

    Price on Request

  • Grief / Trauma Counselling

    Price on Request

  • Depression & Anxiety Counselling

    Price on Request

  • Psychotherapy & Psychometric Tests

    Price on Request

  • Art, Colour, Music Therapy

    Price on Request

  • Child Counselling

    Price on Request

  • Career Counselling

    Price on Request

  • Stress & Anger Management

    Price on Request

MindSight Clinic (awardee of ET Top 50 - Mental Health Wellness) we are glad to have served Our Society through the past 5 years with RCI Licensed Therapists; with an Experience of more than 10 years. Our Team Strength of 32 Psychologists, 10 Counselors & 6 Psychiatrists ensures that the Client has a Practical Application of the Therapies; to Empower them with their Confident & Independent Self. Competitive Package Prices can be Offered on the basis of Employee Strength & Counselling is conducted via Telephonic, Video & In-Person Counselling at our MindSight Clinics.
Stress & Anger Management; Relationship / Family Counselling; Grief / Trauma Counselling; Depression & Anxiety Counselling; Psychotherapy & Psychometric Tests; Art, Colour, Music Therapy.

Mar 2019

11 - 30 employees

Less than ₹25 lac

Service Provider

Brand Owner

  • Head-office/Primary office

    Divine Castle, 3rd Floor Sunita Kutir, Cross Road Number 4,, Liberty Garden
    Mumbai - 400064
  • sachin bolar 

    24 Apr 2021, 5 min read

    How do I know if I have social anxiety?

    Health & Lifestyle

    How do I know if I have social anxiety?

    Examining common signs and symptoms of social anxiety.

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