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About Kairos Multimedia: Kairos Multimedia was founded by Dr. Emil Jebasingh, the founder of Vishwa Vani, in 2005. We aim to meet the needs of business owners and entrepreneurs looking for gifts and talents. We do more for less without compromising on quality. Our high standards of excellence allow you to smart source with confidence. Our clients observe integrity flowing from the top through each layer of the company. We are located in New Delhi, India with branches in Chennai and Thoothukudi. Contact us to experience the difference!

Publisher & Bookseller: Kairos’ publishes books and Bible commentaries written by its founder, Dr. Emil Jebasingh and his audio songs. Kairos also produced film about Dr. Emil’s life: You can watch the trailer: https://youtu.be/3s5_tg2oIJc

In addition we provide the following services to our clients:

1. Publishing Service Provider: We also provide the following publishing services for all publishers and authors:
a. Copyediting: Our copyediting includes checking spelling, grammar, punctuation, and consistency of your writing style. Before publishing, be sure that your manuscript is 100% ready to be viewed by the public.
b. Page Makeup: Formatting and page makeup in MS Word, PageMaker, and InDesign.
c. Image/Art Creation & Enhancement: We create image/art per guidelines and also enhance/improve art for publication standard.
d. Interior Book Design and Specification Writing: We create interior book design from specification. Write specification from printed book.
e. Proofreading: We compare the final proof to the edited copy, check page numbers, table of contents, consistency of the style, omissions and additions in the typography, and page layout including widows and orphans, and check the content is complete.

2. Data Entry Services: We have special team of skilled and dedicated offline data entry operators that provide data entry in MS Word or Excel, etc. with higher accuracy in a short period of time: Handwritten documents, from paper, and books data, Business cards data, Catalogs and labels data, Survey forms and market research forms data, Credit card applications data, Receipt and patient records data, Form filling and processing data, Employee data maintenance, and Payroll processing data
3. Web Design: Our Web design expertise comes with great creativity and innovation usingHTML5, CSS3, Photoshop, Flash and all latest web design technologies.We are also specialized in PHP, .NET, JavaScript, MySQL and SQL Server.Our Services include Web Animation, Banner Design, Logo Design, Flash development and Web Applications that utilize back-end database storage.We also do mobile websites that look great across major smartphone platforms.
4. Audio Processing: Audio Processing is changing the characteristics of an audio signal.In Audio Processing we delete unwanted noises, breaks and silences in audio files.In order to enhance quality of sound, the volume is regulated and effects are given. Finally the audio files are compressed according to customers need.The processed files can be used in Audio/Video Players, Mobile Phones, Computers, Laptops, SD Cards, Memory Chips, Broadcasts and Mega Voice Players.We have done Audio Processing in more than 400 world languages for MegaVoice, Israel.Our Team has gained 12,700 hours of experience in Audio Processing. Contact us for your need.
5. MegaVoice Assembly: Mega Voice is a durable, sealed, audio digital Player. Once content is programmed, it cannot be changed. The Players are charged by a solar panel on the back of the unit. They can also be charged using a standard nine volt adapter. An Envoy Micro solar-powered MegaVoice unit required 1GB of storage per 250 hours of content. Memory configurations range from 2GB to 8GB (or 2,000 hours) or more, depending on your requirement. We also have a Turnkey Business Package that includes translation in Indian Languages from English with full studio recordings, Audio Post-Production Processing, Programming the MegaVoice units with custom content, and Distribution in any state in India. We have all of the required certifications and permits to custom-manufacture and distribute your MegaVoice devices across India.

Apr 2005

11 - 30 employees

Service Provider

  • Head-office/Primary office

    49C, First Street, Brayant Nagar
    Thoothukudi - 628008


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