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Kochi, India

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Eco-friendly lifestyle


At Craftpair we create sustainable home accessories and decor items. We believe that an eco-friendly lifestyle is not about compromising your style and product’s functions. We create products to make comfortable and beautiful interiors and vibrant outdoors. We use natural fiber, wood, coconut shell and numerous other natural materials to make our products.

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We make green home wares, for we believe an eco-friendly lifestyle is about beautiful choices, not compromising your style and the product’s function. We create products to make vibrant interiors and inviting outdoors. The collection consists of hand-woven rugs, storage baskets and trays, table top accessories and floor cushions and we are adding new designs and materials every day.

Highly skilled artisans make our contemporary collection using traditional techniques and craftsmanship. We have a safe and happy working environment, because our artisans give life to our imagination and they ensure that you get the finest hand made products for your home.

In India, it is not difficult to find sustainable raw materials and sustainable production methods. Our travels through the villages of India in the earlier days of Craftpair gave us surprising insights on natural coloring, fibers, weaving and printing patterns. The products are designed to match your interiors with your imagination.

Sep 2018


  • Head-office/Primary office

  • Head-office/Primary office

    16/654, Nettoor, Ernakulam, Kerala
    Kochi - 682040

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