Understand impact of thoughts; empower your home with positivity

Understand impact of thoughts; empower your home with positivity

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Harshit Kapadia

Harshit Kapadia

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Summary: It is important to understand how the thoughts of occupants impacts the vibrations of a property, shares Dr. Harshit Ravindra Kapadia.


The house is a place where we thrive, it is like a living entity. It has vibes and responds to energies. Energy is a term used to describe different levels of vibrations that affects the occupants residing in the property. Energies are an unseen force which cannot be seen but can be experienced and felt.  Home energies should be such that they inspire the occupants and support them.

Understand the different energies

When the energies of a property are weak, it repels, hence occupants staying or working in that property feel great discomfort and are unable to perform well. They are unable to take good decisions in that property. When energies are not right people may experience a lethargic feeling and are unable to enjoy that property. Irrespective of what direction it faces, the shape of the property and other various parameters, it is very important to correct and enhance the basic energy flow of the property. If the energy of the property is right, it will respond quickly to the Vastu changes that you make.

Make it right

Here are few of important guidelines to make the basic energy of the property right. It has been observed that when people pass through turbulent times, they start thinking more negatively about themselves as well as their property. Assume if Vastu of the property is weak, by thinking negative one makes the Vastu of thier property even more weak.


Negative thoughts not only affect the human brain, but have has an impact on the space where we live. It is also been observed that when people pass through depression, they like to keep windows and curtains of the rooms closed. This adds up to more blockages. One has to understand that thinking affects the mind as well as space. Whether the property is rented or owned your thoughts impact the Vastu and Energy of your property. Thus before you make any Vastu / Feng Shui changes in your property or if you have already done a few changes, change the way you think. ‘Start liking your property and think positively about it’.


Connection is important

Whether you stay in a small home or big, rented or owned, it is important that you connect yourself with your property (the way we do with our family). Whether the Vastu of your property is good or bad, don’t worry, just start loving your property. In ancient times, people used to perform various ceremonies and rituals at home, this helped them to show their love and affection to their property. The moment you start loving your property, the property will start loving you and it will start responding in positive way. I have come across many clients where the owners do not take good care of their property, changing the attitude towards their property has helped them in highly beneficial way.


In case if you own multiple properties, you can sit comfortably and visualise love, gratitude and positive vibrations for all your properties. Positive thinking is a mental attitude in which you can expect good and favorable results. Positive thinking is a process of creating thoughts that create and transform energy into reality. The approach towards unpleasantness in a more positive and productive way is positive thinking. Think the best is going to happen, not the worst in the property you reside in.

Many people have the best of Vastu and Feng Shui, but still they do not get results, why? One of the answers is that they do not like the place where they live. They aren’t connected with that space and they think negatively. Good Vastu plus good thoughts helps, and good work enhances the energy of the property.

Few tips to improve energies:

  1. Change negative thoughts to positive. Send good vibes to your property. This can be done with positive visualization. Visualize that you are enjoying your space and you and your family are becoming happy and successful from your property.

  2. Respect your property, give gratitude, give lots of love and affection.

  3. Always have a positive attitude towards your property.

  4. Open up windows whenever possible and allow fresh air to enter your space. There are many other principles for windows and doors which I will share in upcoming articles.

  5. Open up curtains especially in morning hours.

  6. Wash curtains at regular intervals.

  7. Energy flows through the front door. Give your love to it. Open and close gently. Respect your door. Avoid clogging doorways by putting storage near it. Fresh flowers can be kept near the main entrance doors from outside.

  8. Avoid banging doors.

  9. Avoid closing doors with feet.

  10. Doors must open freely and smoothly.

  11. Love your property, your building, surroundings, your city and your country where your live.

  12. Clean up cobwebs from the house.

  13. Clean up the corners of rooms.

  14. Early morning is the best time for positive visualization for your property.

  15. Give lots of positive vibes to your office desk and chair.

Just try these few steps and I am sure you will experience the positive vibes first hand!


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