Innovation & quality control are woman exporter's business mantra

Innovation & quality control are woman exporter's business mantra

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Enterprise: Kascap Glass Private Limited

Founder: Anika Sharma

Sector: Beauty, Cosmetics & Personal Care

Year it was founded: 2012

Based out of: Navi Mumbai


Creating an international business empire is no easy task. To do so in the span of under 7 years is truly an achievement of note. Anika Sharma, started her company, Kascap Glass Private Limited, in 2012, as a packaging company in Navi Mumbai. In a short time, Kascap ventured into cosmetics packaging and has a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit that can produce over 9 million articles a month. Exporting to over 55 countries, sending goods to every continent in the world except Antarctica, Anika has achieved success because of her dedication to the adherence of international norms and standards; a diverse product portfolio and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Quality control has proved to be a gateway to countries for her and her products. She believes that market research is key to starting and growing a business and a wide range of products is necessary as a firm looks to tap into different markets. Further growth for her brand is on the agenda, with Anika banking on innovation to grow.

In conversation with GlobalLinker (GL) Anika Sharma (Anika) shares the journey of her company.


GL: Tell us about your business.

Anika: We are manufacturers and exporters of caps and brushes for cosmetics and nail lacquer.  We started the company in 2012. Our state-of-the-art factory is equipped with the latest machines and a modern tool room. Presently we supply our products to customers in more than 55 countries including USA, UK, Germany, France and New Zealand. It is our constant endeavour to provide world class products with timely deliveries. We use the latest technology for manufacturing our products. We have expanded our business to finished products (forward integration) so we provide complete nail care solutions to customers. In-house packaging and custom decoration facility helps us to be competitive in a global market. We currently employ about 50 people across several business functions.



GL: Share with us your export journey.

Anika: We were working in the packaging sector so an extension of it was to start a business of cosmetics packaging. We performed extensive market and country research, took membership of various B2B portals, checked out the latest trends through exhibitions and got customer feedback.

Pricing was a challenge. However, for us pricing depends on markets. We design and offer products according to specific market needs. We have enrolled in MBA and EXIM courses which have been useful in understanding export requirements. Since we were already working in exports sector, we had an idea about these measures. We continually research the global trends for our sector and incorporate them in our products. Our focus on innovation enables us to offer unique products in our sector.

Our products are at par with the international standards. We have a dedicated R&D team and Quality Control Department to ensure the required standards are met. All our products go through strict quality control under AQLs as per International Standards. We comply with and follow the GMP /ISO standards also.


One must do proper market research and country-specific research before deciding to go for expansion. My experience is that one must aim at spreading out to many markets simultaneously rather than sticking to only specific markets. Also, it is vital to increase your product range to cater to different markets. Innovation is the key in reaching out to the world.


GL: What are the challenges you have faced in establishing your export business?


Anika: We faced a few challenges while setting up. These included volatile market conditions, currency fluctuations and economic recession. We also faced issues related to payment terms. Invoice factoring was also challenging. In addition, there were political changes which led to altering of rules and regulations in various markets. Language barriers while reaching out to non-English speaking nations was also one of the hurdles that we had to overcome.

GL: How have you benefitted by being a member of FIEO?


Anika: FIEO is the apex trade promotion organisation for Indian exporters and it has been a privilege for us to be associated with FIEO right from the start of our business. The FIEO Western Region team has been very prompt and proactive in addressing our queries and issues which has been a tremendous support factor. We have attended various events, delegation visits and seminars/discussions with important dignitaries through FIEO. Being a member of FIEO gives a feeling of trust to our foreign buyers that we are genuine exporters who are backed by the assurance of FIEO. FIEO RCMC, COA ,Indian trade portal events help us to strengthen our reputation with customers. In exports where we may not deal with our customer face to face, we have gained lot of trust courtesy our affiliation with FIEO. FIEO networking events have helped us to reach out to new markets.


GL: What is your big business dream?


Anika: Our big business dream is to emerge as a key player in the cosmetics sector. We want to get into joint ventures with international associates and take our company higher. We want to promote 'Made-in-India' products across the world.


GL: What is your message to aspiring entrepreneurs?


Anika: Take advantage of digitisation and the various online/social media platforms, study the markets and trends in depth before deciding on your products and markets, be proactive in reaching out to customers. Work with full dedication, create the buzz, be innovative. Exports is a technical line so if you don’t have the educational background, try to enrol in a course which will teach you the basics. FIEO has various such seminars and short-term programs which can be useful.


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