How to change GST registration details of a business?

How to change GST registration details of a business?


Vakilsearch Staff

Vakilsearch Staff

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Background: In this article Vakilsearch explains the steps an entrepreneur needs to follow in the off chance that s/he is thinking of changing or refreshing GST registration details online. 

Who will update the GST registration details for a business?

An entrepreneur or applicant or GST payer whose details are erroneously entered can update the GST registration details.


Type of entities registered under GST that can file the change of revision of registration application:

  • A normal taxpayer
  • GST consultant
  • A non- local taxable person
  • TDS or TCS Registration, Embassies and other, UN bodies
  • Online information and file access or recovery service provider

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Changes a citizen can make in GST Registration details

A taxpayer or a businessman can update or correct the GST registration details when - 

  • The application is being prepared and
  • The business is as of now enrolled under GST (application is as of now prepared)

Details that can be transformed or restructured in GST registration

The following are the changes a business or GST citizen can apply -

  • Business name (any change made in one state will be displayed over all the states)
  • Address of the main business place
  • An additional location of a business, if any
  • Addition, removal or retirement or withdrawal of partners or manager, CEO, Managing committee, or anybody who are in charge of the everyday undertakings of the business.
  • Mobile number or email address of the official signatory (by submitting the FORM- GST REG-14 and confirming online via the portal)

If there are some other changes other than the previously mentioned will be altered quickly on submitting FORM-GST-REG-14 on the portal. There is no requirement for authentication by a GST official will be necessary if there should arise an occurrence of any change in GST Registration subtleties.

The detail clarifications with forms -

  • After depositing the form, the GST official will confirm the form and pass in 15 working days in FORM GST REG-15. The change will produce the results from the date of the outcome of the result.
  • If the official is unsatisfied or satisfied with the archives then the person in question can serve a show-cause notification in FORM GST REG-03
  • The claimant must reply in FORM GST REG-04 in 7 days working days.
  • If the official is not pleased then the official can dismiss the application and pass a request in FORM GST REG-05.

The procedure of changing or revising the GST Registration details

Coming up next is the procedure that has been listed point by point below –

  1. Visit the GST website. Initially, the citizens need to visit the Goods and Service tax portal and apply for the changes in primary areas.
  2. Log in to gain access to the username and the password page.
  3. Next, feed in the accurate identification details – username and password and the captcha in the requisite fields and hit the login button.
  4. After you logged in, you need to choose “Amendment of registration Core Fields”. Hit on Registration button from the Menu bar below the service tab that is seen on the home page.
  5. Hit the edit button; select the field which you need to make the change.
  • Next, choose the required detail you need to edit and pick the date of change with the help of calendar.
  • After this, you got to feed the purpose for changes.
  • Finally hit the Save button.
  1. Hit the continue button when all the changes are made. A blue tick will show up on the business subtleties subsequent to finishing the changes.
  2. Scroll down and then hit edit and do the required changes.
  3. Subsequent to changing all the details hit on submit button.

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Possibility to change or update the PAN

There is no possibility to make any changes if there is any sort of slip-up in the PAN number, at that point the applicant is left with no other option but to document the registration from the beginning utilising FORM GST REG-01. The explanation for is this GSTIN number is based on the PAN.

The time limit for GST changes

Any progressions made to the data refreshed in the GST common gateway must be started by the taxpayer within 15 days of the event of occasion prompting the modification in data by documenting a GST revision application.

On getting the GST change application, the concerned official needs to affirm the application after the full confirmation within 15 working days beginning from the date of receipt of use. Henceforth, on approval, the corrections will produce results from the date of the event of the occasion justifying revisions.


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