Finding the right Work-Life balance – 9 practical tips for the workaholic

Finding the right Work-Life balance – 9 practical tips for the workaholic

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GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

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So many entrepreneurs are workaholics. Dedicated to their businesses, they work odd hours and have little time for respite or recreational activities. Over time this can result in stress and stress-related illnesses. Stress, of course, has well documented affects on health.

So how does one manage the stress that comes with being addicted to work? Here are some simple and effective tips.

  1. Work long hours when you have to, not when you don’t
    In every business, there are periods of hectic activity and at times, there is a bit of a lull. It is probably justifiable and even professional to work really hard & long hours when the situation demands so, as long as one learns to take it a little easy once the pressure eases off. Remember working long hours constantly can play havoc with your health.

  2. Figure out the root cause of your stress
    It is impossible to eliminate stress unless you discern what is causing it in the first place. Be very aware of your work environment and try to figure what is causing you stress. Factors could include -- long commute, difficult clients; disagreement with colleagues; office politics; feeling overwhelmed with workload or financial troubles. List down what is causing you stress and this is the first step in tackling it.

  3. Avoid last minute work pressure
    Stay ahead of the stress curve by learning to plan your workload better. If you know in advance that you need to prepare an important sales pitch or presentation, don’t leave all the work until the day before the meeting. It is important to give yourself some time buffer and it will go a long way in cutting down stress.

  4. Relax your mind
    The key to managing stress is to have a relaxed mind. Think of techniques that help you clear your mind. It could include deep breathing, going for a short stroll or practicing yoga and meditation.

  5. Try music therapy
    Listening to your favourite music is one of the most effective stress management techniques. As long as the music is soothing and not distracting, one can plug in one’s earphones and even indulge in some music therapy at one’s workstation.

  6. Pamper yourself
    After a long day of work, a massage or spa session can do wonders to revitalise your body. A head massage can also prove to be very relaxing.

  7. Rely on family & friends
    Family and friends can prove to be the best sounding board after a long stressful day. You can count on family and friends to alleviate your mood and help you remain in a positive frame of mind.

  8. Religion and philosophy as a panacea for worry & stress
    Many people turn to religion and philosophy to get peace of mind. As long as one has faith in what one practices, it can be a vital factor to combat stress.

  9. Make stress management a daily habit
    The key to keeping stress at bay is if one integrates all of the above practices into one’s daily regimen. Your coping skills to deal with stress need to be fine-tuned and practiced daily.  


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