8 interesting ideas for a side hustle you can start with today!

8 interesting ideas for a side hustle you can start with today!

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GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

3 Aug 2019, 11:55 — 7 min read

The other day I came across a quote that said, “The dream is free…the hustle is sold separately”

One trait that sets apart successful people is their eagerness and zeal to push their boundaries every day. It doesn’t matter if they are already running a successful venture or are completely vested in a highly satisfactory job; the passion to go that extra mile is always burning like a fire inside them.

If you too have been bitten by the bug of doing something different or want to channelize your inner passion through some solid side hustle, here are some great business ideas to get you started. But before you read further, stop for a second and contemplate about the task you are about to begin:

  • Is it something you like doing?
  • Is it able to generate good money?

Once you are clear with these questions, here is a list of side hustle ideas you can start with:

1. Freelance writing

This would obviously be my first suggestion being a writer myself and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that writing has truly evolved over the years and it can indeed be a source of great income. The best part? You can start this business from the comfort of your home! If you have a flair for writing and want to pursue a fulfilling career and start a business of your own, this is a great side business idea.

Initially the payment might be less as you need to be out there and explore various writing options before hitting the sweet spot. But gradually as you build your business; it is nothing less than rewarding to have your written masterpieces out there for the world to read!

2. Become a language instructor

Inspite of expert machine translators, language translators are in high demand. If you know a foreign language or know many different languages, you are good to start a language class from your home. You can also rent out a small space and start giving lessons. With the world going virtual you can also teach online. Gradually as your business grows you can open a certified institution and can hire more teachers to teach for you.

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3. Blogging

Social media websites like Instagram have given rise to a blogging frenzy and for many it has even become a source of their daily earning. Be it travel, fashion, food or anything that sparks your interest, you can start a blog and convert it into a successful business.

Traditionally, blogging meant writing and using pictures and videos to support it. Today blogging has taken different routes and buzzword like vlogs (video blogs) is becoming a trend. Here is a list of online platforms that lets you create a website of your own:

  • WordPress
  • Tumblr
  • YouTube
  • Weebly

So, get set, start writing!

4. E-commerce store

The number of online buyers in India is expected to rise to 330 billion by the year 2020! We all must have purchased something or the other online at some point in our lives and in case you wondered if you too could start an online business then the answer is yes. 

Be it products like homemade shampoos, soaps, fashion jewelry, clothes or apparels, there is a huge market out there for you to conquer. The demand for indigenous, eco-friendly and unique products are at an all-time high and no better time to tap these market spaces than now. And if you are worrying about the initial investment setting up an e-store takes, you are at the right place because e-commerce website platforms like LINKER.store can help you set up an e-store for free!

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5. Yoga instructor

This is a wonderful side hustle idea, especially if you are a fitness buff yourself. What better way to earn money than making people around you fit and healthy. The yoga business is booming and people prefer yoga instructors who can come to their home and teach them. All you need is a proper certification and you are good to start. You can register your business on any local online business yellow pages.

6. Food business

A food business is slightly different from tiffin services. You can select your niche area for example Indian, continental, fast food, regional food, dessert bar or snack bars and even mix and play with different cuisines. It’s more of an a la carte menu where people can order separate dishes and there is no set menu as in a tiffin service. You can start a food truck or initially start a home-based food delivery business and then move to scaling it as per the profits you generate.

7. Counseling

You can be a counselor and it’s a highly profitable business. With technology making the world much smaller, you can start an online counseling class. People these days want fast and genuine solutions to all their problems, and you can make use of this demand to grow your business.

The best part about setting up this business is you have complete flexibility in terms of time, working hours and space.

8. Graphic designing

Last but not the least; graphic designing is a great business idea for people into designing and drawing. Become a certified graphic designer. The online market is flooded with customers looking for a good designer and once you kick start your business you can even expand it into a full-fledged company.

The moment you start something of your own, you have started on your journey towards entrepreneurship. The most important thing to remember while embarking on the journey is to never let your passion die. No matter how difficult it gets, look back and remind yourself time and again about why you started at the first place. And then as they say, "The sky is the limit"

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