6 tips to grow your startup faster

6 tips to grow your startup faster

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Shruti Aggarwal

Shruti Aggarwal

231 week ago — 4 min read

Background: Growth is the ultimate benchmark for a startup's success. So what does it take to grow your startup? Shruti Aggarwal explains in this article.


A profitable startup is one that captures more opportunities than its competitors. Making full use of available opportunities will boost your startup growth. For that, you must do what others in your niche are not doing. But your goals should be well defined and realistic.

Below are 6 ways that will surely help you to grow your startup faster and will increase your sales.

  1. Build a brand from the start
  2. Do experiments and evolve your business
  3. Find partners that will help you grow
  4. Be online and leverage social media 
  5. Adopt a flexible approach
  6. Have a mentor 

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1. Build a brand

People, in general, have a misunderstanding of the word ‘brand’. Just because your company has a logo, it will not be considered as a brand. A company is considered as a brand only if it delivers a good customer experience, has a logo, has an online presence and above all, has good products. Remember, every startup will take its own time to create a well-established brand among its target audience.


2. Do experiments 

There is no perfect way to run a startup, no rule book can guide you. Experimentation is the only way you will learn. Take safe and calculated risks. Do not hesitate to grab opportunities coming your way, Even if the experiments turn out to be a failure you will learn; every mistake and step offers a lesson to be learnt.


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3. Find your partners

No business can have organic growth on its own. Finding the right partners will help you grow your network. It's vital to have partners, investors and even customers who resonate with your brand and philosophy.

4. Be present online 

Even if you are not ready to have a physical footprint on a large scale, you can always grow you business online. To ensure that your products reach a wider audience, you must consider having your own ecommerce store.

Also, by leveraging social media, you can connect to your target audience easily and directly. It also helps in building an online brand. So, make sure to use social media to build an online presence.

5. Flexibility and adaptability

As they say, change is the only constant. So, you must always have an adaptable and flexible mindset regarding business. Your business strategy has to revolve around the present economic situation, consumer preferences, and market dynamics.


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6. Have a mentor

Running a startup is like a roller coaster ride. You will surely have ups and downs. But if you feel things are getting out of your hand, then it is time to bring in a mentor. Having a mentor will bring much needed perspective and thereby save you time and resources.

Follow these startup growth tips and keep your business growing.

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