10 ways to love yourself better

10 ways to love yourself better

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Lerma Ermitanio

Lerma Ermitanio

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Background: In celebration of Valentine’s Day, may we be reminded to love ourselves first. Entrepreneurship can be demanding and lonely and giving too much of yourself without considering your own welfare can lead to burnout or disappointment. So, here are simple reminders to take care of your wellbeing, as you are one of the greatest assets of your business.

Self-love has become a big thing for me for the past years. Because of some ‘wounds’ that needed healing, I explored a lot of ways to help restore myself from within.
And that’s what I’ve thought of sharing today as I celebrate my 37th year of existence. Instead of writing a birthday essay, I’ve whipped up a list of things I learned (and still learning) to do to keep my spirit sound. I hope there are some points from the list that will work out for you too. 


1. Don't let anyone abuse your kindness

You should know and set limitations on things that you can and will tolerate. Letting your cup being depleted by abusive people is not good for you and to the ones around you.

2. Reconnect with your inner self more often

Spend quality alone time more often. Treat yourself - go to a spa, eat in a restaurant, watch a movie, etc. These activities will allow you to have deep reflections, realizations, and even some eureka moments.


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3. Spend more quality time with your favorite people

Real and deeper connections with our loved ones leads to a fuller and happier life.

Helping others gives our lives meaning and a sense of purpose. Extending help is not always monetary. It could be the extra efforts we make to ease someone's worry. 


4. Only engage in meaningful conversations

Focus your conversations more on accomplishing goals and celebrating others’ wins. Never engage in conversation that only talks about other people's failures. It would also help if you steer away from toxic ‘friends’. They're the ones who love to gossip and are peddlers of negative vibes.


5. Set a day away from social media at least once a week

Social media is such a busy world. Though you can get a lot of benefits from using it effectively, it may still feed your mind with unnecessary noise. It may also consume your whole day without realizing it - ending up not accomplishing what you should have done in real life, and worse failing to connect with the people who are just beside you.


6. Celebrate your accomplishments

No matter how small your accomplishments are, acknowledge them. List them down if you must. This will come handy on the days you feel like you're stuck.


7. Stop comparing

Comparing may lead to envy and this is very toxic to your soul. Keep in mind that we all have different gifts and different experiences. You are unique and that makes your journey different from the rest. Instead of watching others’ lives, focus on making yourself better than you were yesterday. Focus on finding your purpose.


8. Forgive

Learn to forgive. Although it’s not easy, especially if the one who wronged you is very dear to you, forgiving is healthy for your soul. And even if you have forgiven that person who hurt you, you still have an option to let go of this person. It isn't a sign of bitterness; it is keeping your environment healthy.


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9. Help others

Helping gives our lives meaning and a sense of purpose. Extending help is not always monetary. It could be the extra efforts we make to ease someone's worry. Listening to a friend who vents out her frustrations, directing a person to someone you know who could help her better, sharing your knowledge to the ones who need it—these are some of the things we can do to help.


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10. Pray

Pray whenever, wherever you are. Connection with a higher power is what we must build the strongest. Tough days will always be there, but with prayers, you'll amazingly glide past and overcome the challenges.


So there you go! Celebrating my 37th year in a more meaningful way. Are there entries here that resonate with you? Would love to know too. 

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