Have a colourful life

Have a colourful life

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Sridhar Narayanaswamy

Sridhar Narayanaswamy

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Holi is the festival of colours, celebrated widely in North India. Now that I am settled in South India, where it is not so common, I recall my childhood in Delhi. Pichkaris, gubbaras, rungs and the associated joy, brings back nostalgic memories.


Strangely or perhaps due to providence, I got associated with Colours some ten years back, due to our Colour Visualisation Software. Wanting to paint your home, before you lift a paint brush, our software can give you the best colour options.


I believe, there is some connection between colours and the human mind.



I did look at the net to understand this more and could pick some information which I present here for your reading.


Colour is not just about visual understanding and appreciation. It is rather psychological. Our moods, emotions can get influenced by colours. Why do they paint the hospital walls in teal (lightish green) or some pale pastel colours? Because it evokes a sense of calm amongst the patients, the doctors, the attendants and all the rest.


Kindergarten classrooms are painted bright red or yellow or blue, to bring out the joy and creativity amongst the juniors.


What sort of reactions the various colours, bring about?


Blue – It being one of the primary colours, reminds us of the sky, the ocean and the enormity of our universe. Evokes a sense of calm, serenity and peace.


Red – It is another primary colour. It arouses passion and energy. It brings life and vigour to a room. In a crowd, Red stands out.


Yellow - Represents a state of happiness. The morning sun rays brings us new energy and make us feel charged. Same happens when one enters a yellow painted room. Black letters painted on a yellow background, are noticeable even from a distance. Yellow also reminds us of the new and modern.


Green - Epitomises nature. It reflects seasons of freshness, hope and revived energy. Some believe that green rooms can define stability, balance and persistence.


Orange - Denotes friendliness and also demands attention. Vibrancy of a room increases. It can also mean balance and warmth. They say that an orange painted room is good for having long conversations.


Pink - Said to be the more delicate and feminine part of red. Sort of like the shy sister of the vibrant party animal. Pink can also mean innocence and romance. Rooms painted in pink can evoke tranquillity.


Grey - Represents elegance and class. The colour grey can arouse elegance and classicism to any room.  Adhering to balance, intelligence and discipline, soft greys paired with other soft colours can offer space to spend some quite moments.  Grey trousers and sky blue or white shirt - evokes a sense of respect.


White - If no other colour is found suitable, white is the best choice. Neutral and will go with any other colour. Cleanliness, purity, simplicity, being formal all come to one’s mind.


Wish you all a happy Holi and think of us for good colour suggestions, before painting your homes.


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